What does Acute and Chronic illness actually mean?

The medical terms of acute and chronic disease can be a tad confusing for some. So I thought I would put down a few words to hopefully explain the differences. It will mean the difference of how your individual presentation of your signs and symptoms are assessed and how your treatment plan will be implemented.

  • Acute illnesses generally develop suddenly and last a short time, often only a few days – or weeks (sub-acute).
  • Chronic conditions develop slowly and may worsen over an extended period of time – months to years.

Acute conditions are often caused by a virus or an infection. It comes on rapidly, and is accompanied by distinct symptoms that require urgent or short-term care, and get better once they are treated (hopefully homoeopathically).

Chronic conditions are slower to develop, and tend to linger or may even progress over time. I feel that chronic issues come about when a person has a low vital force … or to simplify even further, a lowered immune system. Things that can affect this are generally lifestyle choices such as inadequate nutrition and hydration, lack of physical activity, addictions such as overuse of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or smoking.

I would like to add in one thing that we often don’t realise, is that your thoughts create your reality and experience. Having a great fear of disease, feeling stressed, or getting caught up in the doom and gloom of media hype, all can contribute to lowering our vital force and inviting in ill-health. Try to learn new ways of dealing with fear and stress to strengthen your body, and work with a homeopath to find the closest match to you as a person to overcome these emotional issues.

Now I can’t leave without mentioning pre-dispostition! This is basically your genetics that play a major factor on how your body will react to the impact of a virus, and how it will present (individually) as an on-going problem.

If it all possible, managing the symptoms of a chronic condition is best done by creating a treatment plan in partnership with your homeopath. If you would like a free chat with me to see if Homeopathy can help you regain health and vitality then book in here

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Be happy and healthy!

Donna Sadzius