Anxiety and fear swept across the world, faster than the virus did!

2020 and the virus that sparked a global emergency – sending our planet, and the human race, into a state of disbelief, denial, reactionary behaviour and then ultimately lockdown.

That lockdown, or social distancing, is more than simply staying in your own homes. It’s a taking away of your basic right to choose, your freedom, your ability to earn a living. It’s created fear and panic via isolation in an otherwise highly social society. 

covid-19 and anxiety

This anxiety is the ‘unseen pandemic’ sweeping through our minds and bodies like waves on the ocean. Creeping into our thoughts slowly at first, and then gradually taking hold until a griping fear is the new norm. Millions of people around the world are being affected by this crippling fear, and many are isolated and alone in a forced lockdown of life. Our lifestyles and routines were ripped away in the blink of an eye, along with our right to choose. We are being bombarded non-stop from the moment we wake up with no relief throughout the day and night. So much fear has been thrust upon us through the media, and it’s relentless. 

Now where do we go from here? Who do we turn too to give us some hope, some help, some support?

I’ve had clients contact me this week who don’t know how to cope with what’s going on. Their worlds have been turned upside down and they are trying to get a handle on it but it just seems so unreal. One young lady said “I’m feeling very anxious but trying to stay grounded. I think I need to stay clear of the television and internet for a while because this bombardment and negativity of the virus is making me feel like I’m going crazy, and I have been crying all morning. I honestly feel like I’m going crazy, and I keep having panic attacks which makes me feel like I can’t breathe properly, and then it makes me more paranoid because I fear that I could have the virus. It’s a horrible feeling.”

Then another lady messaged to say “I’m in social isolation since last Thursday, after returning from a cut short working trip to India… Not functioning, but I mustn’t be alone in that…Can’t think clearly. No increase in heartbeat but incapable/fearful. Whirly head. Then like my system has gone into shutdown, and a loss of appetite. It’s more of an anticipatory anxiety, and wishing I wasn’t in a body, feeling incapable to deal with anything. I am going in circles, can’t make decisions, just want to hide. I end up in a sort of ‘frozen/numb’ mode when overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the smallest input. But I managed to get myself back from India and through 13 hours transit in Singapore. Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s been a stressful transition back into Australia!”

Luckily, I was on-hand to attend to these ladies’ desperate pleas for help. I can’t imagine how they would be in a weeks’ time if they hadn’t reached out. I took their individual symptoms and matched them to Homeopathic remedies along with preventative remedies for the current corona virus. They were sent express mail and received the following morning to immediately start treatment. I received such heartwarming messages of thanks and relief from them which gives me the determination to support others with their mental health and wellbeing at this unprecedented and challenging time.

“Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. 

How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” Rumi

Every day more and more scared and anxious people are reaching out for help. This is the time that we work together in unity – bringing people together to feel nurtured, safe and cared for. Thanks to Mary Greensmith, a UK Homeopath living in Greece, she came up with a brilliant idea on how to achieve this coming together of community and humanity

An online service has been created, and consists of qualified, professional Homeopaths from around the world who are able to give you hope through Homeopathy support, any time of the day or night. It’s as simple as clicking on the chat box to start talking to one of the homeopathic team members. You will be guided to share your current health issues with a Homeopath in a secure online consultation.

Help those less fortunate, always!

If you are able too, please check on your neighbours, especially if they are elderly (from a distance of course). They may be one of the unlucky ones missing out on essential items during their time in isolation, or they may just need someone to chat with to help keep up their morale!

I’ve listed several remedies for anxiety etc, that you may have on hand if you have a Homeopathic first aid kit at home.


Aconite: Fear, Fright, Anxiety, Terror. Great fear and anxiety of mind with great nervous excitability; afraid to go out, to go in a crowd. Fear he will die of the disease. Panic attack – breathlessness, fear of death, agonising griping fear, restlessness, anxious, may have palpitations with numbness and tingling. Will have an anxious look. Anxious dreams with anxiety in chest.

Feels better in the open air. Feels worse evening and night.

Argenticum Nit: Anticipatory anxiety. When faced with making a decision, they don’t know what to do and make an impulsive decision. Fear brings on diarrhoea. Agoraphobia. Apprehension of some serious disease. Fears to be alone, as he thinks he’ll die. Lost beyond hope for this world.

Feels better cool; open air; bath. Feels worse in room; shut in places; crowds; anxiety, suspense.

Arsenicum: Extreme anxiety. Agonising fear of death. Mentally restless and agitated, but physically weak. Irritable, sensitive, peevish, easily vexed. Despair of recovery – thinks it’s useless to take medicine. Fear of financial ruin. Fears solitude; wants company (fear of death). Worse when alone and consolation. Better with company and walking about. Ailments from: anticipation; anger with anxiety; care, worry; grief; fright. Fixed idea that his family will die of starvation.

Feels better with heat – food, drinks, hot-packs, wraps; company. Feels worse with cold; midnight

Aurum Met: Intense, hopeless depression. Suicidal anguish. Brooding melancholy. Depression from losing something/everything, job, income, loved ones due to high sense of responsibility.

Feels better music; cool; open air; cold bathing. Feels worse from emotions; mental exertion.

Gelsemium: Anticipatory anxiety. Apprehensive. Anxious with drowsiness. Can be dull, drowsy, dizzy and trembling. Confused, dazed, apathetic. Shock after traumatic experience, bad news. Averse to company, yet fear of being alone. Fear of death. Hysteria. Diarrhoea accompanies anxiety. Indisposed to talk. Cannot cry.

Feels better with alcohol; mental effort. Feels worse shock & emotions; thinking of ailments.

NB: To purchase a homeopathic first aid kit to deal with the current virus, then contact me for more details.

If symptoms persist don’t hesitate in contacting a qualified professional to guide you to the most appropriate treatment options.

If you would like me to help you with homeopathic medicine, then please do contact me for further guidance.

Donna Sadzius