Homeostasis and the Constitutional Remedy

So what actually is homeostasis? Homeostasis refers to stability, balance, or equilibrium within a cell or the body.

So how can homeopathy help keep our body in balance? There are hundreds of homeopathic medicines and the way in which they are used for each person is a very individual process. Every remedy has the potential to be a constitutional medicine. Although we tend to have a smaller group of medicines that are classed as constitutional. It is these remedies that are more often used to treat the whole person and their current long-standing complaint. 

Your homeopath will take a detailed history to elicit all the shifts and changes that have happened over your entire life. From all this information the homeopath will match this picture to a remedy that has similar characteristics. 

What happens then? Good question! Well several things begin to shift, change and regulate to regain homeostasis within the body systems, but in the end what we always hope to see is a more vibrant, joyful and happy self. 

In a nutshell without being too technical, homeopathy balances all your body systems – mental, emotional and physical. If you’re not feeling on top of the world, then get your homeopathic appointment booked today and start reversing all the unhealthy aspects with ease!

Stay balanced everyone! and if you need to see me for any long-standing issues you can book in here.

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