So what does this actually mean?

In a nutshell without being too technical, homeopathy balances all your body systems – mental level, emotional level and physical level. Homeostasis refers to stability, balance, or equilibrium within a cell or with the body as a whole. Your constitutional medicine will support your body to bring in back into a state of balance and homeostasis.


So how can homeopathy help keep our body in balance?

There are hundreds of homeopathic medicines and the way in which they are used for each person is a very individual process. Every remedy has the potential to be a constitutional medicine. Although we tend to have a smaller group of medicines that are classed as constitutional. It is these remedies that are more often used to treat the whole person and their current long-standing complaint. 

How do I find my Constitutional Medicine?

Your homeopath will take a detailed history and assess all the shifts and changes that have happened over your entire life. For example, what have been the triggers or any major emotional times that contributed to the creation of the health condition? Did you lose someone close to you and a few months late get digestive problems, or asthma or eczema? From all the information gathered during the consultation, the homeopath will match this ‘picture’ of the individual presentation in you, to a remedy that has similar characteristics. 


What happens then?

Several things begin to shift, change and regulate to regain balance within the body systems on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Soon it will be evident of a healing process beginning which can be as simple as a more restful sleep and enjoying your food again without a digestive upset. What we are aiming for though is a more vibrant, joyful, happy self and a return of your quality of life. If you’re not feeling on top of the world, then get your homeopathic appointment booked today and start reversing all the unhealthy aspects with ease!

Stay balanced everyone! If you need to see me for any long-standing issues you can book in here.