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Common areas of body pain

There is a common misconception that Bowen Therapy is just a massage!

The Bowen Therapy Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy.

The use of Bowen is very versatile. It helps the body to relax, recharge and realign. Therefore it is very effective for almost any body ailment, but especially musculoskeletal problems – pains, aches, tight muscles, pulled ligaments, sports injuries etc.

Bowen quickly addresses these acute issues by reducing the inflammation which leads to pain. Chronic long-term complaints causing constant or recurring pain and discomfort are managed through regular treatments over a longer term.

Bowen Therapy is so gentle and safe it can be used on newborns, and right through to the elderly.


Is Your Body in Balance?

Fascia covers the entire muscular system of the body

As we all know, the body has its own innate healing mechanisms and Bowen Therapy revives it.

Gentle moves are performed to stimulate the body to heal itself. The moves are done at specific locations and deliver ‘signals’ to the nervous system via the fascia, and the body then responds.

The result is a feeling of balance and freedom of movement!


Bowen aids in Gentle, fast, effective treatment for: 

Bowen Therapy Stress and tension symptoms

Bowen Therapy Back pain and sciatica

Bowen Therapy R.S.I. and tennis elbow

Bowen Therapy Neck and shoulder problems

Bowen Therapy Knee and ankle problems

Bowen Therapy Respiratory conditions and hayfever

Bowen Therapy Menstrual irregularities

Bowen Therapy Migraines and headaches

Bowen Therapy Chronic viral fatigue syndrome

Bowen Therapy Pregnancy and childhood disorders


What else can Bowen Therapy do to restore your well-being?

The above issues are a few of the more common reasons to have a Bowen Therapy treatment, but there are

Bowen Therapy for neck pain

a lot of other ‘unseen’ problems that can be helped as well.

Conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Parkinsons, asthma, chronic fatigue, menstrual disorders, infertility and PMS, ADD, infant colic, constipation and so much more …..

These days we are seeing an increase in technology related conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, RSI, headaches, upper body tension and poor posture.

Other common issues are occurring from being seated for long periods of time, such as Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome.

Regular Bowen sessions will keep you moving freely and without tension and pain.

Tom Bowen may have created this therapy 50 years ago before technology was so prevalent, but Bowen is timeless in the treatment of todays computer age problems as well!


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Tom Bowen's Gift – 2017 Trailer

Tom Bowen's Gift – 2017 TrailerIntroducing These Two Hands: The Story of Tom Bowen documentary. Can you lend a hand? Please help us showcase the world of Bowen Therapy and celebrate the life of Tom Bowen with our crowdfunding campaign at would love all of our Bowen community to jump on board to help us make this world first documentary a reality! Donate and share with all of your networks! Help us spread the word and meet our goal. Every hand will help!

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