About Me – The Homeopath

How did I become a Homeopath?

Homeopath in Palmwoods

The road to becoming a homeopath on one hand was filled with ease, and on the other hand, took a monumental amount of determination to see it through to completion. You see, I am a mother of 8 children, and 3 of those were born during my studying to become a homeopath! So I can tell you with a tremendous amount of certainty, that if it were not something that I believed with all my heart could change the lives of so many human beings and animals, that I would have walked away and enjoyed being ‘just a mother’. But instead, I endured years of lack of sleep and living on adrenalin to become the homeopath I am today, and I wouldn’t change it for anything! I recall my senior lecturer advising me to take time off after my twins were born, and finish with the class behind me. No way, no how I said! I was just 2 months shy of completing, and that’s what I did. I was lucky enough to be able to bring my babies to class and they had the most special beginning to life with all their homeopathic-to-be Aunties & Uncles nursing them during lectures.

What are my interests and specialties as a Homeopath?

I think having so much experience being pregnant, giving birth and raising children, led me down the track to having a lot of expertise in helping mothers and children. My twins suffered with eczema, and then later asthma, so I found these issues were easily relieved with homeopathy when you knew how to approach the treatment from my previous experience. I found I had the knack of hearing a cough and being able to pick a remedy to match the symptoms quite easily. When my granddaughter began having croup we found using homeopathy gave her immense relief quite swiftly. So in time, respiratory issues and skin issues became my special interest, as well as childrens anxiety and fears, and so my practice revolved mostly around babies and children until now.

Where too now as a Homeopath?

Now as I age (gracefully haha), I find my homeopathic areas of interest are transforming with me. I am helping my elderly parents transition through their later years in life, so I find my interests veering towards pain and freedom of movement. As I am also a Bowen therapist, I have found that joining these two very powerful energetic healing modalities, can create such a tremendous amount of ease in ones’ body that it cannot be ignored. So here I am, moving towards helping those in pain, to regain some sense of freedom and joy, to live as independently as possible, and enjoy life to the fullest.

The other main area I help women with is balancing their hormones for weight management using homeopathy. These days with all the environmental toxicity and pharmaceuticals, the normal hormonal balance can be easily thrown off kilter causing many health conditions, and the most common issue is weight gain!

Donna Sadzius - Homeopath in Palmwoods
My first trip to India in December 2019 to study under Dr Kasim Chimthanawala & Dr Aadil Chimthanawala at the Shaad homeopathic hospital in Nagpur.

I hope you enjoyed reading just a snippet of my life as a homeopath. There is a novel in there I’m sure!

Stay happy and healthy!