Homeopathy for Hormonal Balance and Weight Loss

Are you unhappy with not being the weight that you want to be? I can help!


If you need to lose 20kgs or just those last 5kgs then this plan can help you achieve your goals.

Do you try to lose weight on your own but find it frustrating and you feel like nothing is working? My Clients say this to me before they do the 42 Day Fast Weight Loss Program. Afterward, they say “I wish I had done this months ago. It is so much easier than I thought and it works so quickly. Thank you so much”. 

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Is weight gain and excess fat something you are struggling with? Do you struggle with staying on track with conventional diets?

Inflammatory foods have been known to play havoc in our digestive systems. You’ll learn how to pinpoint foods that disagree and remove them!


Did you know that using the homeopathy along with a healthy eating program might be all that you need?

6 Week ‘quick fix’ homeopathic guided program

The homeopathic weight loss program plan consists of:

  • A 1-hour initial health check meeting, to ensure the plan is tailored specifically to your needs
  • Homeopathic fat burning drops allow the body to access its fat stores more easily so that you do not feel hungry
  • 3 weeks of a healthy food plan within 82 pages of easy to make recipes for you to choose from
  • 3 maintenance weeks to ensure your lower weight is now your new set point. 
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure everything is going to plan and to answer any questions you may have.

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The meal plan mainly consists of protein, vegetables, fruit, and water. The diet has a 3 stage process and the drops are used during the first 2 stages, 2 days of extra fat loading and a low-calorie diet for 42 days, and adding carbs to the last stage of the diet. 

Being within an optimal weight range again is an effective way to get you on the road to a much greater quality of life. When continuing on with the lifestyle changes from the program, you’ll find it much easier to keep the weight off.


Book Now – Individual Programme

Book Now – Group Programme

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More information on the Homeopathic Weight Loss Program can be researched with Dr Simeons original protocol ‘Pounds and Inches’ and to further understand how the diet works.

UPDATE: I am very excited to reveal that I have revamped my previous homeopathic weight loss program, to incorporate your constitutional remedy, along with identifying and balancing the hormones that are causing your weight gain in the first place. So in the future, the drops may not even be required when the balancing of hormones is the priority. A hair tissue mineral analysis may be also be required, and it is an additional cost that you’ll pay when ordering the test.

How do the weight loss drops work?

Homeopathic weight loss drops are an aid for losing weight naturally. These drops are used in conjunction with Dr Simeons low-calorie diet, along with reducing fats, sugar, and simple carbs. You have the potential to lose up to 20kg in 42 days when your starting weight is over 100kg. The drops are taken 3 times a day between meals. Easy to use, effective, and gentle on the body.

The homeopathic drops target the existing non-structural fats for fuel as well as acting as an appetite suppressant. This helps prevent you from feeling hungry, and the 500 calories (you may increase this caloric amount if desired) of nutrients is sufficient to your needs. Plus, you get an extra bunch of free-calorie foods to add in, to ensure you feel satisfied and continue to have continued health and vitality.

In short, the drops are used to attack fat deposits and convert them to fuel for the body. When taken as a dietary supplement, the drops send signals to the hypothalamus of the brain to break down body fat and convert it to fuel to use as the body’s main source of energy. This has been shown to help fat decrease in a healthy and more sustainable way! Detoxing side effects can therefore be minimised, since dieters are well provided with energy and the body systems remain efficient. We also advocate increasing your water intake to help keep the eliminatory organs functioning optimally, which is also helping to lessen detox symptoms.

Disclaimer: Projected weight loss results as depicted above, may not be possible for everyone, and results are not guaranteed. This is an individualised program, and it will depend on compliance of each person for a successful outcome.