What is a migraine?


A migraine is a headache of varying degrees of intensity, and often has nausea and a sensitivity to light and sound accompanying it. Usually the migraine is either left sided. or right sided.

Migraines are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. Some of the common triggers include, hormonal changes, certain food and drink, stress and exercise.

In choosing the closest remedy match we need to get the individual presentation of the headache. Taking into consideration the side of the headache, the type of pain (stabbing, shooting, throbbing etc), whether you are less or more thirsty, if laying flat or semi-erect helps, and if warm compress or icy cold compress relieves. Many other characteristics are noted and then the similimum is matched.

Here’s a list of 10 common acute remedies that may come up for a migraine depending on your symptoms:


Spigelia is a periodic, left-sided migraine remedy and appears over the forehead, eye and directly in the eye. The pain extends back into the head or the occiput, with violent stitching or neuralgic type pain in one spot. It may begin in the temple or occiput and radiate to left eye or brow. It tends to come and go with the sun. It is especially worse by motion. by jarring and touch. Is better by heat or hot bathing, keeping the eyes closed, lying down on right side, and lying with head elevated.

Iris Versicolour

Iris is a periodic, right-sided ‘classic migraine’ with pain in the forehead area. It begins with the visual disturbance and ends with vomiting. Blindness or blurry vision with the headache. Often occurs on weekends, days off or the beginning of a vacation. It is worse from 2-3am, after midnight, Spring and Autumn, from mental exertion and with hot weather. Better in the cold open air, eating, gentle motion such as walking, and lying.

Kali Bich

Kali Bich has the migraine with blindness before the headache, and the sight returns as headache increases. Pain is usually in small defined spots and can wander from place to place. The location is often on the right side at the base of the nose or along or beside the brow. A common characteristic is that the migraine occurs at the same hour every day. Heartburn may occur with the headache as well as a craving for beer, but it worsens the headache and the heartburn. Headache can feel somewhat better by heat, local pressure, and motion.


Chronic migraine headache. A heavy or splitting headache, with steady pain that settles over one eye (especially the left) or spreads to the entire head. Pain is worse from any motion, even from moving the eyes. The person can be quite irritable and wants to lie completely still and not be talked to or disturbed. Nausea with a heavy feeling in the stomach and vomiting may occur. The person can have a very dry mouth and is usually very thirsty for large glasses of water.


This is a pronounced heaviness in the head with drooping eyelids. Can scarcely hold head up and keep eyes open. Usually has a stiffness of neck muscles and starts on the occipital bones and travels over to the forehead giving a squeezing sensation. The pain is hammering in the back of the head makes the patient feel dull and stupid. Trembling, weakness and prostration accompany the headache. The times it may be worse are 10am, 2 or 3am, wine, laying flat, and mental exertion. Profuse urination brings relief, as does vomiting and laying with head high.


Migraine headache with marked visual disturbance. Usually occurring in the left temple and forehead area. A very good female hormonal remedy as migraines are aggravated by menstruation and menopause. Also worse in open air and after rising in the morning. Showering with cold water relieves.


Migraine with throbbing, burins pains. Usually begins in the right shoulder or neck area and radiates to the right forehead and eyes. There can be a flushed face with throbbing carotids, and can come on with indigestion, burning and sour stomach. Vomiting often occurs with the headache. This is a daytime headache – comes and goes with the sun. Aggravated by light, noise, odours, jarring, fasting, menses, periodically. Relief can be found after vomiting, sleep, passing wind and leaning head against something hard.


A right sided throbbing headache that has a pressing outward sensation. It begins in the occiput and extends to right forehead or eye with a pressing outward sensation. Hands and feet cold and can have vomiting with the headache. Worse 3pm, jarring, light, sun, Menses, menopause, washing hair, stooping. Better lying in dark, quiet room, cold application and closing the eyes.


Intense pounding headache as if head would burst. The pain begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. Face flushed and carotids throb. Always worse with the heat of the sun, before menses, menopause, alcohol, motion, jar, tight collar, shaking head. Relief from getting into shade, cold washing or cold application, bending head backwards, pressure, lying in. dark room and wearing a hat.

Iris Versicolor

This is a classic migraine – it begins with visual aura and ends with vomiting. Blindness or blurry vision with the headache. Occurs on the right side and right forehead but can alternate. Weekly migraines – especially on weekends. Worse in the cold air, cough, sitting, relaxing after studies, and resting. Better open air, constant gentle motion, standing, and walking.

There are many, many more migraine medicines. If you need help distinguishing your symptoms and matching to a remedy, I can help take the stress out of it for you! When migraines are a regular occurrence, then a deeper acting constitutional remedy is required to heal the chronic headaches. Having a consult with a homeopath to work through your life and health history and pinpoint the causative modality for the headaches to create a treatment plan for success is always best! Book in here for a free 15- minute chat.