If You’re Looking for Natural Therapies on the Sunshine Coast, Donna Sadzius offers health and healing the natural way. Individual support using Homeopathy and or Bowen Therapy to achieve the health result you’re needing. With a keen interest in helping clients achieve a healthy and active life, sometimes just a little guiding and a few lifestyle changes is all it takes for you to gain control of your own health again. Now being a mother to eight children, childhood issues have been a major part of this practice. This has included complaints such as breathing issues with wheezing, or skin problems that constantly itch or ooze, and even stress problems that can happen for any number of reasons. The main focus is to help you return to a state of well-being and optimal health. My knowledge and long-time experience using homeopathy has shown that health issues can easily be alleviated with individualised treatment. If there were to be just one thing that I prefer to help with, then it would be endometriosis! Women are long time sufferers of this debilitating issue. Sometimes in constant pain or at least in monthly agony.  I have found that homeopathy can alleviate this. I have the knowledge and the expertise to help and guide you to gain the relief from pain that you’ve been suffering from all this time.

Online Consultations are the go-to option now and very convenient!

Homoeopathy consultations are now done on Zoom or email. You don’t even need a zoom account as I send you a direct link for you to click on and it takes you straight into the video consult. Here is my direct scheduling link to make a booking. Zoom and email consultations work great for mums as there are no travelling, or babysitting restrictions. We can arrange a time which works best for you and your lifestyle. You can be sitting comfortably at home with a cup of coffee while we go through your case. Consultations and Bowen Therapy sessions are also still held in person in Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia.

Can Childhood Issues be Relieved Naturally?

At the first consultation, specific remedies tailored to you or your child, will be analysed to choose the most suited. We will spend at least one hour to listen to your life-health history. Homeopathic protocols will be used to tailor a specific prescription of one or more remedies to meet your needs. These remedies are natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, and most importantly are effective. They can be used if you are breastfeeding, and alongside other medications or treatments.
What are the typical types of Breathing issues and Skin issues?
There are several types of asthma and eczema, which can take many forms – some forms of asthma can be due to weather changes, or triggers within the home such as from animal dander or dust mites etc. Eczema triggers are many and varied as well and for example, can arise after vaccination, or from soap and washing detergents. There’s  a long list of causes, but whatever your child is suffering with, even if they just don’t feel like their normal or usual self, they don’t have to suffer anymore. Every child has the right to feel great, be happy and healthy, and enjoy their childhood. There is help available to get your child back on track quickly. They don’t have to feel distressed and uncomfortable going through a health issue that can be easily relieved.
What Remedies Will Be Used?
Depending on the protocol best suited to your child, one or more from the following will be used: • Deep-acting Homeopathic Remedies – there are many deep-acting Homeopathic remedies and each remedy has a unique quality. Finding the best remedy for your child involves matching their individual case characteristics to a remedy with similar qualities. This is a complex procedure but I use systematic homeopathic protocols that lead me to the appropriate remedies. Some cases require a single remedy or they may require a sequential list of remedies – it is an individualised treatment plan. Acute remedies – these are remedies which are specific to a particular part of your childs case. For example, some children have sleeping problems due to the itching and scratching from eczema which generally occurs at night. An acute remedy would be given specifically for this problem, which I find works really effectively while allowing the other deep-acting remedies to work. Another example would be the cough and wheeze that often starts during the night, and again a specific acute remedy can be given for this. There is so much potential.