Homeopathic Course for Pregnancy & Childbirth



Homeopathic Coaching for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Hello, my name is Donna, and I have put together this very special coaching session on pregnancy and birthing. There is nothing more special than creating a life and bringing your precious baby into this world. I am here to guide you to make this as natural a process as is possible!

I am a mother of eight children, and have been a homeopath for the past 20 years. I have a vast knowledge and personal experience in pregnancy, birthing and beyond, and will be very pleased to share this coaching class with you.

Your first (and subsequent) pregnancy can be an exciting and may also be an anxious time for you and your partner. I have put together a short coaching session to help you understand some basic homeopathic first aid. This will help you during your pregnancy, and to then prepare your body for the birth, and for help if needed during, and after your labour. I have added in a section on Jaundice and Mastitis as well.

The basic course will include:
Common pregnancy issues, Childbirth & Post-birth help.

Also an overview of:
How to collect the information you need to prescribe.
How to choose the potency and dose.
How to decide between the remedies.

Price: $26AUD | $18USD | 15GBP

Once payment has been made, the course along with several other useful pregnancy & childbirth information will be sent to you.


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