What mastitis is not: If you’re well and you get a sore lump in your breast, it’s probably a blocked milk duct. Try warm massage, frequent feeds, and cold packs after feeds. If your breasts are inflamed and sore, or you start to feel unwell or feverish, mastitis is usually the culprit.

What is Mastitis?

  • A painful infection of the breast tissue.
  • Possible initial causes are a blocked milk duct, or bacteria entering the breast. 
  • It usually occurs within the first three months of breast-feeding.
  • Can also occur when weaning.
  • Symptoms include breast pain, swelling, warmth, fever and chills.
mastitis -breast-feeding

Homeopathic medicines for mastitis:

Belladonna: sudden onset, hard swelling, throbbing, stabbing or tearing pains, bright redness which radiates from the centre towards the periphery, hot to touch. Fever & chills, profuse sweating which brings relief. Hypersensitive with low spirits.

Apis: burning, stinging, swelling but breast tissue loose, even suppuration. Rosy red appearance, and feels better by applying something cold. No thirst with fever. Skin may alternate with seat and dryness.

Bryonia: breast feels heavy, rigid, hard to the touch. Tensive pains, and external burning heat. Pale but maybe slightly rubescent. Moderate fever, with intense thirst, worse movement so must support the breast when walking.

Phytolacca: breast hard, small lumps all over, and very sensitive, with a purple hue. Swollen as if about to suppurate, but stays hard as a rock. When child nurses, pain goes from nipple all over body. Often right-sided mastitis. 

Lachesis: bluish with blackish streaks, cutting pains in breast and down the arm. Left-sided mastitis.


If mastitis isn’t treated quickly or you stop breastfeeding while you have a blocked milk duct, a breast abscess can form. Seek out your homeopath for urgent help. There are several good homeopathic medicines for breast abscesses, but timing is crucial in starting treatment as early as possible.

If you need any help or guidance in this area with choosing a remedy I can help. Having breastfed 8 children I do know my way around these remedies. Book in for a free chat to see if I can help